Genuine Trick/Tool for Email Verifier Needed

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Amit asked 8 months ago

Thanks for the quick answer, I can not able to reply to my previous ask question that’s why I’m replying by creating a new question.
First of all thanks a lot you share a lot with many peoples as I have seen.
What I’m looking for is yes looking like a hunter or zero bounce email verify system. I want to promote my blog by sending cold emails. I have a specific area where I can send but still, how, I got a 10% bounce rate. so, and I don’t want to reduce my domain authority by label spamming. I am offering only my post and video on youtube so, I can provide a solution on my niche only. Is there possible to access hunter or zero bounce or

  • NeverBounce.
  • zero bounce
  • hunter
  • TheChecker.
  • BriteVerify.
  • ZoomInfo Powered by DiscoverOrg.
  • Kickbox.
  • Mailgun.

or any of who are helping to clean the list. They are taking too many changes. as it seems very small in dollar but when it comes in overall its too costly.
I find some methods on Youtube like this below but in the end, not success.
I hope you now get ideas. I want to make a system to verify emails like Inbox delivery, DKIM, DMARK, server delivery report, etc. everything wants to checked. or at least need to confirm the email address is Genuine & operating regularly.
In this can you help me with this?
Many ThanksĀ 
best regards

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TechX Staff answered 8 months ago